In an afternoon of dedication and celebration beginning at 1:00 PM on Sunday, September 17, a Torah scroll will be ceremonially completed and presented to The Shul at Chabad Mandarin Headquarters. This Torah Scroll was very generously donated by the Sinvany & Spalter families, in honor of "and for the elevation of the souls" of Miriam Marisha bas Eliezer Laizer z’l, Tzvi Chanoch Henek ben Aryeh Leib z’l, and the deceased members of the Spalter, Jablonsky and Ashkanzi families.

The final letters of the Torah scroll will be completed in a ceremony 1:00 PM at the home of Mazal Spalter.

Anyone wishing the merit to be part of the special Mitzvah of writing a Torah, can purchase a letter or a word in this Torah scroll. Participants who wish to have the merit of completing the new Torah, by filling in one of the final letters, can purchase this honor. Opportunities are limited. Click here.

According to Jewish tradition a new Torah is welcomed into a community as the welcoming of a bride and groom. Accordingly, there will be a procession at 2:00 pm escorting the Torah under a wedding canopy, with music and dancing, from Mazal’s home to its permanent home in the Chabad Center, where the ceremony will continue with more music and dancing.  Following the ceremony refreshments will be served.

We are very grateful to the Sinvany & Spalter families for this generous gift to The Shul.

  It is customary to purchase the honor of writing one of the final letters of the Torah. Those who purchased one of the letters, will have the honor of filling it in, with quill and ink, with the help of the scribe.

For more information and/or to purchase a letter, please CLICK HERE, or call Chabad at 262-6641 or email [email protected].