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On Saturday night, January 31, 1960, a New York radio station (WEVD) began to
broadcast a new program—a weekly class in the Chassidic classic Tanya.
When the Rebbe was met with criticism from those who felt that radio and television were “evil” things, and
that the holy words of the Torah are “contaminated” when channeled via these instruments, he responded
by restating a fundamental principle of Jewish faith: everything was created by G‑d to serve His purpose in
creation. Man, who has free choice, might make negative use of a creation, but its intrinsic function
remains the revelation of the divine wisdom and goodness.

Since then, Chabad has produced thousands of audio and video recordings covering a wide range of Jewish

Here we present some links to Chabad sites offering some of these audio/video collections.

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The Itchie Kadoozy Show

video of the Week
Video of the Week
18 Iyar, 5743 · May 1, 1983
The Talmud tells us that 24,000 students of Rabbi Akiva died because "they did not treat one another with

respect." But the plague ended on Lag B'omer, which means they had remedied their actions and began

to treat each other with the appropriate level of esteem. (6:20)