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The future and welfare of our precious Jewish heritage lies squarely in our ability to
instill an appreciation and aspiration among fellow Jews to actively participate in
Judaism and its hallowed rituals. Through a worldwide campaign designed to strengthen
Jewish awareness and observance Chabad-Lubavitch is leading the charge in this
formidable endeavor. Chabad Centers serve as points of light from which community-
wide educational, social and religious programs are disseminated.
In keeping with a philosophy of love and acceptance of every Jew – regardless of
affiliation and background – Chabad is devoted to helping Jews strengthen their
commitment to Judaism and their Jewish roots. With over 3,500 centers on five
continents, Chabad has a venerable record of Jewish outreach and activism. The name
Chabad and Lubavitch have in fact become synonymous with Jewish outreach and
First Coast Chabad/Chabad of Northeast Florida has been tirelessly reaching out – sharing the warmth and
joy of our rich Jewish heritage – for 21-years through a colorful array of innovative
programs and activities that cross all lines of age, gender, affiliation and knowledge.
Within the past several years, Chabad has increased its effectiveness exponentially by
adding three additional satellites to its original Center in Mandarin.
Rabbi Nochum and Leah Kurinsky are enhancing Jewish life and vitality in the Jax
Beaches communities through a range of successful and exciting programs.
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Serving the Southside, Intercostal-West and UNF are Rabbi Shmuli and Chana Novack
who continue to generate lots of activity and interest.
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 In S. Augustine – we have a Chabad under the directorship of Raabi Levi & Fraidy Vogel
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Serving Clay County are Rabbi Shmuly & Shaina Feldman
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Rabbi Mendel & Dinie Sharfstein are serving the needs of the Jewish Community in S. Johns
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Rabbi Mendy and Nechamie Browd – directors of programming at Chabad headquarters

in Mandarin – are constantly developing innovative and exciting programs.
The following are some of the multifaceted activities sponsored by Chabad of NE
Florida, designed to stimulate Jewish involvement and continuity:
Daily and Weekly Minyans, GanIsrael Day Camp, Ganeinu Preschool, Mommy and Me,
Holiday Events, Adult Education, Speakers Bureau, Shabbatons, Youth Programming,
Prison/Hospital Visitations, Shabbat Meals and Hospitality, New American Programming,
Educational Guides and Publications, Lamplighter – Weekly E-letter, Lamplighter Digest,
and The Jewish Art Calendar.
Our hands-on Tzivos Hashem Workshop Series is an especially effective medium in
disseminating the beauty and joy of our rich Jewish heritage particularly amongst the
Designed to benefit all Jews, Chabad’s programs are cordial. No knowledge or
background in Judaism is necessary.

We look forward to sharing a Jewish experience with you!

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