Vayikra: 5769

Vayikra- Self Sacrifice, It Doesn't Really Kill

Tzav- The Mystic and the Philospher

Tazriah/Metzora - Life is a Mess

Acharei/Kedoshim - For G‑d or for Azazel

Emor - Religious Revisionism

Behar/Bechukoosai - Know Your True Worth

Vayikra: 5770

Vayikra - Try It You'll Like It

Tzav - More Than A Bowl Of Oats

Shmini - Look Who Thinks He's Nobody

Tazria/Metzorah - Skin Off Your Own Back, Please

Acharei/Kedoshim - For G‑d Or For Azazel

Emor - Tailoring Torah To Suit Our Will

Behar/Bechukosai - Quantifying Our True Worth 

Vayikra: 5771 

 Vayikra - Self-Sacrifice: Does It Really Kill?

Tzav - Commitment: The Longest Four Letter Word 

Shmini - The Elusive Pursuit of Spiritulaity 

Tazria - Merciful Discipline 

Metzorah - Life Is A Box of (Bittersweet) Chocolate

Kedoshim - Holier Than Thou 

Emor - So What If Life Isn't Fair? 

Behar - Is Fear A Sin? 

Bechukosai - The Blessing Within 

Vayikra 5773 

  Vayikra - What Makes You So Holy?

Tazria - Is Turning The Other Cheek Jewish