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Bereishis: 5769

Bereishis- Let us Make Man

Noach- A Tale of Two Souls

Lech-L'cha- Transcend Yourself

Vayeira- A Foot in Each World

Chayei Sara- Talk is Cheap

Toldos- Where is the Progeny After All?

Vayetzei- Ladies First

Vayishlach- Fighting Chutzpah with Chutzpah

Vayeishev- When the Going Gets Tough

Miketz- A Tale of Two Dreams

Vayigash- Tears to an End

Vayechi- I know, My Son, I Know

Bereishis 5770:

Noach A Tale of Two Souls

Lech L'Cha - Circutious Journey

Vayeira - A Foot In Each World

Chayei Sara - Talk Is Cheap

Toldos - Ro Whom Does The Progeny Belong?

Vayeitzei - Confronting Chutzpah With Chutzpah

Vayishlach - Why Do They Hate Us?

Vayeishev - When The Going Gets Tough

Vayigash - Tears To An End

Vayechi - The Papa The Papa

Bereishis 5771:

Noach 5771- A Peak Into The Human Psyche

Vayeira - A Day In The Sun

Chayei Sara - The Living Dead Vs Eternal Life

Toldos - To Lead Is To Follow

Vayishlach - Crime of Silence

Vayeishev - It Takes More Than Effort

Mikeitz - Spiritual Gravity

Vayigash - Down But Not Out

Vayechi - Blessing In Disguise

Bereishis 5773


Vayeitzei- Man’s Dual Existence

Vayishlach - The Inner Cosmic Reality


Vayechi - I KNOW MY SON, I KNOW. . .

Sh'mos: 5769

Sh'mos- Feeling the Pain

Va'eira- It's Time to Get Mad

Bo- A Royal Mockery

Beshalach- Who is Your Moshe?

Yisro- Wake up and Smell the Roses

Mishpatim- Church and State

Teruma- Give Until it Feels Good

Tetzaveh- The Divine is in the Details

Ki Sisa- The Sin Behind the Sin

Vayakhel-Pekudai- A Wing and a Prayer

Sh'mos 5770

Sh'mos- Mentality Speaks Louder Than Words

Bo- Self Destructive Arrogance

Beshalach- Why The Urgency?

Yisro- Eyes That See And Ears That Hear

Mishpatim- No! Do Not Turn Your Brains Off

Teruma- The Divine is in the Details

Ki Sisa- The Sin Behind the Sin

Vayakhel-Pekudai- The Book Or The Cover

Sh'mos 5771

Sh'mos - Diasporaism

Vaeira - The Finger of G‑d

Bo - Royal Mockery

Beshalach - Who Is Your Moshe?

Tetzaveh - Clothesmindedness

Ki Sisa - The Sinful Aftermath

Vayakhel - Priorities, Priorities!

Sh'mos 5773

Shemos - Self Hatred

Vaeira - A Time To Get Mad

Bo - Kabballah of Selfishness

Vayikra: 5769

Vayikra- Self Sacrifice, It Doesn't Really Kill

Tzav- The Mystic and the Philospher

Tazriah/Metzora - Life is a Mess

Acharei/Kedoshim - For G‑d or for Azazel

Emor - Religious Revisionism

Behar/Bechukosai - Know Your True Worth

Vayikra 5770

Vayikra - Try It You'll Like It

Tzav - More Than A Bowl Of Oats

Shmini - Look Who Thinks He's Nobody

Tazria/Metzorah - Skin Off Your Own Back, Please

Acharei/Kedoshim - For G‑d Or For Azazel

Emor - Tailoring Torah To Suit Our Will

Behar/Bechukosai - Quantifying Our True Worth

Vayikra 5771

Vayikra - Self-Sacrifice: Does It Really Kill?

Tzav - Commitment: The Longest Four Letter Word

Shmini - The Elusive Pursuit of Spiritulaity

Tazria - Merciful Discipline

Metzorah - Life Is A Box of (Bittersweet) Chocolate

Kedoshim - Holier Than Thou

Emor - So What If Life Isn't Fair?

Behar - Is Fear A Sin?

Bechukosai - The Blessing Within

Vayikra 5773

Vayikra - What Makes You So Holy?

Tazria - Is Turning The Other Cheek Jewish

Metzorah -From The Dark Shines The Lights

Bamidbar 5769

Bamidbar - To Count is to be Counted Upon

Behaaloscha - Where's The Beef?

Shlach - Grasshopper Mentality

Korach - Kabalah of Spirituality

Chukas/Balak - The Prophet Who Was Out to Lunch

Pinchas - What You See Is Not What You Get

Matos/Massei - Fateful Setbacks

Bamidbar 5770

Bamidbar - is G‑d Spiritually Profiling?

Behaaloscha - Antagonizing Our Evil Inclination

Shlach - Can G‑d Have It Both Ways?

Korach - Holy Idealism of Good Old Mischeif

Chukas - Higher Authority

Balak - Thank You Shalom Mordechai

Pinchas - Things Are Not How They Appear

Matos/Massei - Fateful Setbacks

Bamidbar 5771

Bamidbar - To Count Is To Be Counted Upon

Nasso - L'Chaim

Shlach -Faith VS Effort

Korach - For Heaven's Sake

Chukas - More Than A Beautiful Mind

Balak - Birth of a Fool

Pinchas - Don't Mind Your Own Business

Matos - You Are What You Speak

Massei - Life Is A Journey

Bamidbar 5773

Bamidbar - Divine Profiling?

Shlach - We Are What We Think

Chukas - The Potion of Life

Bamidbar 5774

Chukas - Kabbalah of Guilt

Pinchas - The Power Of The 'Like'

Matos - Israel's Kiddush Hashem

Massei- Egotism And Judgementalism

Devarim: 5769

Devarim - Over These Do I Cry...

Vaeschanan - The Great Paradox

Eikev - Not By Bread Alone

Re'eh - Line In The Sand

Shoftim - The Pious Animal

Ki Teitzei - Where Have I Gone Wrong?

Ki Savo - Contentment

Nitzavim/Vayelech - United We Stand


Devarim - Out Of The Darkness Pours The Light

Vaeschanan - The Great Paradox

Eikev - Not By Bread Alone

Re'eh - What's Wrong With Being Right?

Shoftim - Perception or Deception?

Devarim 5771

Devarim - May I Have A Word With You

Devarim 5773

Vaeschanan - Comfort Ye, Comfort Ye

Devarim 5774

Vaeschanan This is the Torah

Eikev - First Class Passengers

Re'ei Has The World Gone Crazy


Yom Kippur- The Art of Teshuvah

Sukkos- Shoes or No Shoes, Security Still Belongs to G‑d

Sukkos- A Spine is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Simchas Torah- Moving Forward in Circles

Chanukah- LET THERE BE LIGHT- A Response to the Mumbai Massacre

Chanukah- Are You A Maccabee?

Purim- More than Mashed Potatoes

Pesach 5769- Soul Freedom

Pesach -5770 Attitude of Gratitude

Pesach - 5771 Soul Freedom

Shavuot - Inner Harmony