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WhatsApp Image 2024-03-28 at 7.45.53 PM.jpeg The Seder Circus Sunday April 14th

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Roll up, roll up! The CKids Seder Circus is coming to town, and the whole fam is invited to join fun under the big top.
From Tightrope Tango to Circus Mimes and The Great Escape, your child will compete, laugh, and juggle their way through the fifteen steps of the Pesach Seder. Next up, your child will make their very own mini Seder circus movie craft to premiere at their own family Seders.And what’s a circus without your jaw-dropping to the ground? We’ll be doing some pesach-style acrobatics and your child will be the star of the show.
So grab your popcorn and put on your top hat, because the CKids Seder Circus will be a magical experience for the whole family!