A Word From The Rabbi:

Beraishis 5769

Beraishis- Let us Make Man

Noach- A Tale of Two Souls

Lech-L'cha- Transcend Yourself

Vayeira- A Foot in Each World

Chayei Sara- Talk is Cheap

Toldos- Where is the Progeny After All?

Vayetzei- Ladies First

Vayishlach- Fighting Chutzpah with Chutzpah

Vayeishev- When the Going Gets Tough

Miketz- A Tale of Two Dreams

Vayigash- Tears to an End

Veyechi- I know, My Son, I Know

 Bereishis 5770

Noach A Tale of Two Souls 

Lech L'Cha - Circutious Journey

Vayeira - A Foot In Each World

Chayei Sara - Talk Is Cheap

Toldos - Ro Whom Does The Progeny Belong?

Vayeitzei - Confronting Chutzpah With Chutzpah

Vayishlach - Why Do They Hate Us?

Vayeishev - When The Going Gets Tough 

Vayigash - Tears To An End

Vayechi - The Papa The Papa

Bereishis 5771

 Noach - A Peak Into the Human Psyche

Vayeira - A Day In The Sun 

Chayei Sara - The Living Dead Vs Eternal Life 

Toldos - To Lead Is To Follow 

Vayishlach - Crime of Silence 

Vayeishev - It Takes More Than Effort 

Mikeitz - Spiritual Gravity 

Vayigash - Down But Not Out 

Vayechi - Blessing In Disguise 

Bereishis 5773


Vayeitzei-  Man’s Dual Existence

Vayishlach -  The Inner Cosmic Reality

Vayeishev -  MURDER HE SPOKE

 Vayechi - I KNOW MY SON, I KNOW. . .