Bamidbar/To Count is to be Counted Upon

Behaaloscah/Where's The Beef?

Shlach/Grasshopper Mentality

Korach - Kabalah of Spirituality

Chukas/Balak - The Prophet Who Was Out to Lunch

Pinchas - What You See Is Not What You Get

Mattos/Massei - Fateful Setbacks

Bamidbar 5770 

Bamidbar - is G‑d Spiritually Profiling?

Behaaloscha - Antagonizing Our Evil Inclination

Shlach - Can G‑d Have It Both Ways? 

Korach - Holy Idealism of Good Old Mischeif 

Chukas - Higher Authority

Balak - Thank You Shalom Mordechai

Pinchas - Things Are Not How They Appear

Matos/Massei - Fateful Setbacks 

 Bamidbar 5771

Bamidbar - To Count Is To Be Counted Upon 

Nasso - L'Chaim 

Shlach -Faith VS Effort 

Korach - For Heaven's Sake 

Chukas - More Than A Beautiful Mind 

Balak - Birth of a Fool 

Pinchas - Don't Mind Your Own Business 

Matos - You Are What You Speak 

Massei - Life Is A Journey 

 Bamidbar 5773

  Bamidbar - Divine Profiling?

Shlach - We Are What We Think  

Chukas - The Potion of Life 

 Bamidbar 5774

 Chukah - Kabbalah of Guilt

 Pinchas - The Power Of The 'Like' 

Matos - Israel's Kiddush Hashem 

Massei-  Egotism And Judgementalism