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Purim Bash
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29th Annual Purim Celebration




29th Annual Community Purim Celebration

With the approach of the joyous holiday of Purim, the Jacksonville Jewish community is in for a treat once again. Chabad of Northeast, FL, is gearing up for another production of its Annual Purim Event to take place on Thursday, February 25, 6:30 pm at Chabad Headquarters in Mandarin.

The event, now in its 29th year, has become a hallmark of Jewish joy and unity.  "This celebration brings Jews of all ages and backgrounds together with the single purpose of sharing the joy and warmth of our common Jewish heritage," says Rabbi Levi Vogel, Director of Chabad S. Augustine.

Our Purim Celebration will take into consideration all the COVID precautions.

In addition to the joyous Purim spirit, for which the annual event has become popular, this year the crowd will be entertained with "live" music and song.

Get ready to be enthralled with a "Live" Performance by the 3 Badchanim (Jesters).   

The 3 Badchanim: Canada's most fun, exciting and entertaining Jewish performers to hit the circuit have joined forces to bring a new and exciting Purim Show. 

AVI TANSKY: Known as Magic Avi! An illusionist, storyteller, and puppeteer. ZVI HERSHCOVICH: Known as Zvi the Juggler and Cholentface. A juggler, actor, and stand-up comedian. NOCHUM GREENWALD: Known as The Amazing Nochum. A juggler, parkour expert, and balancing master. The trio brings years of experience performing for audiences of all backgrounds and ages across North America.

We will also be entertained by musical presentations from various Jewish Music Stars. Additionally there will be a Special Purim Kahoot Game.


5:45 Mincha

6:20 Maariv

6:40 Socially Distanced Megillah Readings followed by an Outdoor Break-Fast and Celebration 

Children and Adults are encouraged to come dressed up in costumes. Everyone in costumes will be entered into a raffle.

Prepare to be entertained, filled with food and enjoy a jolly Purim atmosphere.

The festival is sponsored by Chabad of Northeast Florida, Mandarin/Headquarters, the Beaches, Southside, S. Augustine, Clay County & S. Johns.

This event is entirely free of charge, your sponsorship is most welcome. Click Here



For more information and to reserve call
Chabad: Mandarin/Headquarters, 262-6641, Southside 646-4434, the Beaches
543-9301, S. Augustine 521-8664, Clay County 290-1017, or S. Johns 701-4422 or
visit www.ChabadJacksonville.org  www.ChabadBeaches.com,
www.SouthsideChabad.com www.Chabadsaugustine.com jewishclaycounty.com